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Areas of application

Beverage industryBeverage industry
The shampoo industryThe shampoo industry
Apple mobile phone industryApple mobile phone industry
Aquatic product automatic sortingAquatic product automatic sorting
Snack industrySnack industry
Hardware industry weight detectionHardware industry weight detection

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About us

       Dongguan dolly automation technology co., LTD. Is specialized in automation weighing detection system and automatic quantitative batching as the core,Set research and development、Production、Sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises。The main products include automatic weighing scale、Weight sorting machine、Quantitative batching scale, etc。The company's products are widely used in daily chemical light industry、Chemical industry、Plastics、Metallurgy、Mining、Industrial spare parts、Food and beverage、The dairy industry、Aquatic products、Poultry meat、Fruits and vegetables、Pharmaceutical、Material delivery industries such as manufacturing or processing。
        Companies adhere to“Science and technology innovation,Carefully think tank”For the purpose,In the current economic structure adjustment、Industrial structure upgrading situation,Committed to promoting the automatic weighing industrial upgrading。The company has advanced the development of ideas and a high professional level、Innovation ability、Good team service consciousness。At a high speed、High precision anti-interference technology independent research and development of many years,With advanced technology,Constant reform and innovation,The quality of the pursuit of excellence。Various industries to provide a more stable、Reliable weighing system and best automatic weighing ingredients solutions as own duty,Which is the foundation for automatic weighing industry leading brand status。

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